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ecoLegacy® has developed a next-generation, environmental and ethical alternative to burial and cremation called ecoLation. It will ensure a greener planet and cleaner air.

ecoLation is a blend of innovative technology and science for use at the end of life. It is a thermal process that uses cold and heat and pressure. It creates an environment that does what nature would do over centuries – in the space of a few hours. The result is completely organic nutrient rich remains.

We asked people what they thought...

I'd like to leave a clean legacy

I want something eco-friendly

I saw ecoLegacy being interviewed and they seem to really care

I've recycled all my life, It's natural I want my body to do the same when it's time

I don't want to be cold in the ground

I love the thought of me helping to grow a tree or a flower

How ecoLegacy® began… Meet our CEO, Tony Ennis.

“I truly believe what we are doing here, together, can change the world.”

Tony is the man who started it all for us here at ecoLegacy® but this isn’t his first nudge into the business world. He is a born entrepreneur, who has an impressive 25-year track record in building and scaling energy, utility and technology businesses. Tony spent the early part of his career at ABB, the world leader in power and automation technologies. He subsequently moved to Logica, where he headed its energy and utilities division.

In 2003, he founded Vayu, to provide innovative gas and electricity supply products to multinational companies, specifically in the manufacturing sector. As CEO, Tony led Vayu from a seedling start-up to a €70 million (turnover) business in just five years and attracted equity investment from Glencore International plc.

Having sold Vayu, Tony’s plan was to kick back and enjoy some family time with his three kids and wife Sue, so he retired to France in the hope of doing just that. Alas Tony’s over active brain had other plans and he found himself thinking more and more on a project closer to his heart. He thought about his mother who had passed away on his 21st birthday and the fact that he never wanted to visit her grave and why… and the idea for what we now call ecoLegacy® began fermenting.

In Tony’s own words his motivation is clear “I want a better world to raise my kids but a better place for them to raise their kids, my grand kids and their grand kids.”

ecoLegacy® brings together Tony’s passion for innovation in the energy space, his love of family, his work ethic and his belief in being proactive with the environment and how to minimize the damage we cause our planet daily.

In 2011 ecoLegacy® was officially born.

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