100 strong in 2016

Here’s to 2016! We have had an AMAZING year here at ecoLegacy and it is all thanks to you, our supporters, our friends, our family and our followers. Together we WILL make a difference in 2017.


We were going to do a quick round up of the year but we feel that this image sums it up best and most powerfully for us all – here is our main man Tony, our CEO, on his 100th flight of 2016. He is looking a little bit tired and we know he certainly felt it that day too. While all those flights are not a medal of honour, and their carbon emissions are definitely not something to be proud of, they ARE an indication of the hard work, determination and unbelievable interest ecoLegacy has cultivated worldwide in 2016. In total Tony took 108 flights in 2016. This truly is a phenomenal sign of the global interest in ecoLegacy and ecoLation.

We have now had 28 countries visit our first commercial unit in Ireland, is yours on that list? Only one way to make sure it is! Sign up to come and visit us here www.ecolegacy.com/contact

And in case you wondering if we care about the carbon footprint we are leaving, of course we do but until the airline industry comes up with an ecoPlane we will have to make do. BUT when it comes to your own funeral and your own death, now you CAN make a difference. Finally there really is an answer to reduce your carbon footprint when you pass away so you can leave an ecoLegacy.

Only ONE ecoLation unit will prevent over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions which equals all of the below in the image. So…. will you help us make a difference in 2017?