Philip Backman

Chapter 2 – A Formidable Force

In the first of a series of how ecoLegacy came into being, we profile a curious young disrupter called Philip Backman, who questioned how best to memorialise the dead…. Read Chapter 1

Chapter 2 – A Formidable Team

For almost forty years, ecoLegacy, as we now know it, remained simply an idea. It was marked only by the record of a patent of the idea that expired in 1989. Philip’s dream was fueled by the occasional contact from a medical professional, researcher or scientist. It wasn’t until ecoLegacy’s CEO, Tony Ennis reached out to Philip. Together they made a formidable team and formulated a powerful vision for the future of body disposal.

At 75 some things in Phil’s life have changed. He has retired from teaching and he upgraded his motorbike to a Honda 750. But what hasn’t changed is his passion for innovation. We are delighted to say that he and his lovely wife came to the Inaugural European Launch of ecoLegacy and both were in awe of the ecoLation unit and the fact that his dream, dreamt up in a science lab so many years ago, was now a reality.

When he’s not exploring the coast of his beloved Northwest America on his bike he can be found in his backyard workshop inventing devices to help compensate for his deteriorating vision. Phil will forever be an innovator and thanks to the continuing work of ecoLegacy, he will go down as a man whose idea changed the world.