New Shannon Crematorium

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Are you from the Shannon area?

Or how would you feel about a crematorium popping up in your locality?

A new Crematorium in Shannon is on the horizon but there are MASSIVE concerns which we should ALL address.

A new crematorium currently under contruction in Shannon has, over the course two years of planning and permissions, raised familiar questions regarding burial and cremation.

The local residents raised a number of objections over the last two years and indeed the Clare County Council met these objections with their own concerns – both sides raised HUGE issues that are valid worldwide and will affect our planet on a massive scale in years to come.

-Mercury and other polluted emmissions from the crematory

-Burial space is limited and will reach maximum capacity in the near future.

-Locations of crematoriums and burial sites need to factor the activities of their local communities

In the case of  Shannon, there are two industrial estates nearby and an international airport. A number of meetings were held over the last 2 years debating the location and planning with one gentleman voicing concerns about the pollution and emissions affecting pregnant women and children in the vicinity.

The crematorium will be built on a 1.29 acre site at Illaunamanagh, Shannon, Co. Clare which is adjacent to a local sports facility, a popular tourist walking loop and hundreds of homes. Members of the community feel that children frequenting the sports grounds and the local area will be confronted too often with the subject of death and grief.




Cllr Mike McKee


The site is also located next to the popular local Illaunamanagh cemetery which Sinn Féin councillor Mike McKee, who lives close to the site of the development, said “Our own graveyard up here is filling up rapidly and with the amount of funerals we have it is only a matter of time before this graveyard is full.”

In stark contrast the ecoLation process emits typically 60+% less than a cremation, the emissions are pure uncontaminated clean air, the organic powder the body becomes is typically less than 1-2% of the persons body mass and we work WITH communities in building a safe, welcoming, community-driven destination for the ecolorium.