Why Choose ecoLation®?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's wrong with burial?

At first glance, burial may seem to be the best method with the least environmental impact, but unfortunately burial, even the ‘natural’ type, has lasting negative effects on our planet. Toxins from vaccinations, medications, poisonous veneers and chemicals from coffins, embalming fluids, if used, and any implants or body modification tools all leech into the soil when we are ‘naturally’ laid to rest in the ground. This has a devastating impact on surrounding ecosystems like plant life, wildlife and our water sources.

What's wrong with cremation?

To reach the high temperatures required to cremate a human body, an enormous amount of energy is consumed. An average cremation produces up to 400 kg of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of chopping down 35 – 40 trees!

Why ecoLation®?

There are many reasons to choose ecoLation®. No worms. No fire. We really do care. Yes to the trees and more and more of them. Yes to recycling. THIS is why ecoLation®.

How does ecoLation® work?

We are all made from carbon; long complex chains of carbon, just like all organic things. As the remains are ecoLated using freezing pressure and heat, we create an environment whereby these long chains of carbon are broken down into shorter carbon chains and eventually back to the elements on the periodic table.

What happens to the toxins with ecoLation®?

The beauty of ecoLation® is that embalming fluid, or an end of life drug or even a bacteria, viruses, or folded proteins, known as a prions, are treated in the same way. The carbon chains deconstructed to the base elements and denatured. The result is an organic inert powder.

How many trees can be saved?

Each ecoLation® unit provides 2,500 ecoLations a year, which means that just one unit alone can save almost 90,000 trees- or a forest, EVERY YEAR.

How does this effect our planet?

This is a problem that isn’t going away. Right now, there are 7.4 billion people on Earth – in 100 years we will all be either airborne killers as carbon and harmful carcinogenic dioxins or under the ground killers contaminating the very soil we rely on for life.

How bad are toxins for the environment?

Organic powder is the end result, beautiful non toxic nutrient rich powder that can be added to clean soil, given some love and water and can grow into a vibrant, healthy flower or tree.

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